Pengfei actively develop energy-saving product
On the first ten days of March, president Jia’an Wang of Jiangsu Pengfei has become the annual economic figures.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd is a leading company of Chinese cement machinery. In recent years, Jia’an Wang as president of Pengfei Group & director of mechanical industry successfully developed new type dry rotary kiln, vertical mill, etc. new product which implemented an important breakthrough in energy-saving side. 
In recent years, the output of cement industry is too high causing a serious situation of cement industry and cement making machinery industry, the market appears to the situation of “ supply is over than demand”, product is hard to sell. Sales people can not get orders, and some ordered product should be returned as national adjustment.
Pengfei Group has over 1600 employees, we need money for their salary and electricity, etc. and each employee has a family, so president Jia’an Wang actively search for market, pay visit to customers, ask help from professors, talk about development and work from day to nigh. He cooperated with East & South University, Yancheng Institute of technology, Nanjing industrial university, set up energy saving equipment developing institute, developed high efficient pre-grinding, high pressure roller mill, rotary kiln, etc..
Via technical innovation, our group implemented updating and replacing of product. Rotary kiln takes uses infrared ray industrial firing monitoring system, implements burner structure improvement, takes use high temperature sealing, etc. meanwhile we extend the product to coal quality upgrading industry and implement energy transformation. Except being used in cement clinker calcining, quickly extend metallurgical, chemical, environmental protection, active lime, ferro-nickel, etc. industries. Via technical innovation, rotary kiln saves more energy. Extending new process to grinding via adding crusher, pre-crushing, separator together with grinding technology which could greatly improve 50% output, energy consumption can decrease as 20% -30%.
Via scientific innovation lead by president Jia’an Wang of Pengfei Group has implemented localization and upsizing of environmental protect cement production line industry, causing upgrading and progress of cement industry, successfully developed kiln equipment for quality upgrading and ferro-nickel, we transform facing the serious situation of supply is over than demand, we turn to middle east, south America and Africa, etc. market, gained over 10 lines EPC projects.
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