Chinese Cement Machinery Leading Enterprise / Large-scale mining mill production export base
Project name Project general situation
Anhui Jinzhai Zhengdashanmei cement co., ltd  PFG120-50
Xiameng Meiyi Building material co., ltd  PFG120-50
Meixian Yongheng building material co., ltd  PFG120-50
Shandong Axian Dongchang cement co., ltd  PFG120-50
Shandong Donglian Cement co., ltd  PFG120-60;PFG140-80
Guizhou Sinan Guangyu Cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Guizhou Guangyu cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Xinjiang Jinghe Kunlun cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Sichuan Shaojue Jinxin cement co., ltd  PFG170-120
Xinyuan Xinjiang Cement co., ltd  PFG150-100
Hebei Anhua group  PFG160-140
Shanyang Qinyang Building material co., ltd  PFG140-80
Runde cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Jining Jinwei cement co., ltd  PFG160-140
Hai'nan Jinlu cement co., ltd  PFG160-140
Heilongjiang Jixi Chenghai Cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Fengning Manchu autonomous region cement plant  PFG140-80
Shandong Shunxing cement co., ltd  PFG150-100
Hai'nan Danzhou Mingcheng co., ltd  PFG160-140
Jinzhai Zhengda Shanmei Co., ltd  PFG120-45
Hubei Guangshui Xinguang building material co., ltd  PFG150-100
Xinjiang Karamay Jiuhong Cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Azerbaijan Naxcivan cement plant  PFG170-100
Triple -A cement co., ltd  PFG120-50
Kiamusze agricultural reclamation cement co., ltd  PFG170-100
Jining Jinwei cement co., ltd  PFG160-140
Zuzhou Yushun concrete co., ltd  PFG160-140
Zhejiang Taizhou Zhengqiang Building material co., ltd  PFG150-100
South America Bolivia cement project  PFG160-120
South America Comlombia Bogota cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Vietnam Kaiser cement company  PFG140-80
Pakistan PLC cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Eritrea GEDEM  PFG180-120
Leiyang Dongxing cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Zhuzhou Sinoma cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Sichuan Kailin cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Guizhou Panxian Sanhe cement co., ltd  PFG140-80
Xinjiang Yuhao industry and trade co., ltd  PFG140-80
Beichuan Zhonglian cement co., ltd  FG140-80
Shanxi Taida mining co., ltd  PFG140-80
Hunan Shaofeng cement co., ltd  PFG140-100
Gansu Jiugang Hongda building material co., ltd  PFG140-100
Chongqing gearbox goods and materials co., ltd  PFG180-160
Guizhou Songtao Gaoli cement co., ltd  PFG140-100
Panzhihua Gangcheng group co., ltd  PFG140-100
Sichuan Beichuan Zhonglian cement company  PFG140-120
Inner Monglia Wanchen energy co., ltd-Qianfeng Cement compan  PFG140-120
Shanxi Datong Yunzhong co., ltd  PFG140-120
Guizhou Fuquan Liseng cement company  PFG140-120
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